Зэвсэглэлээр хөөцөлдөгч орнуудын цөмийн цэнэгт ...

"Хүйтэн дайн”-ы үе эргэн ирж, дэлхийн тэргүүлэх их гүрнүүд болох АНУ, ОХУ, БНХАУ зэвсэглэлээр хөөцөлдөж эхэлсэн талаар баримтат нийтлэл “The New York Times” сонинд ...

Монгол Админ 2017 01 сар 30 88

Google case over online abuse to begin in High Court

The case of a UK businessman who wants Google to stop malicious web postings about him appearing in its search results is set to begin.

Монгол Админ 2014 11 сар 24 243

Facebook shuttle bus drivers vote to join Teamsters union

The union drive was part of a growing campaign in Silicon Valley to secure better pay and working conditions for service workers.

Монгол Админ 2014 11 сар 20 317

Facebook at Work talk puts pressure on LinkedIn

Shares in LinkedIn dived on Monday as talk spread of plans by Facebook to step onto its turf with a version of the leading social network tailored for the business world.

Монгол Админ 2014 11 сар 19 310